1. Tough Credits

  2. Venture Leasing

  3. Equipment Financing

  4. Professional Associations

Tough Credits

Whether it is a large corporation in bankruptcy or a company with a below investment grade rating, Forum Leasing considers most leasing requests.

Venture Leasing

Our venture leasing program is available to all industry segments for seed stage, mezzanine and pre-IPO companies.

Equipment Financing

Forum Leasing specializes in the financing and leasing of new and used equipment throughout the United States..

Why Choose Us ::.

✓ Reputation

Over 20 Years Experience

✓  Members of NEFA, ELFA and NAELB

Professional and Courteous Staff

Strong Testimonials

✓ Flexibility

We Are Creative and Close Deals

✓  We Offer A Variety of Lease Structures

We Pre-fund Vendor Deposits

✓ Fast Turnaround

We Make All Credit Decisions In House

All Lease Documents Prepared In House

✓  We Underwrite All Transactions In House

Fast-Accurate Documentation

✓ We Fund Our Own Deals

We Do Not Re-broker Lease Transactions

We Do Not Require Proposal Deposits

Testimonials ::.

I have known John and Tim for many years and they have funded some difficult deals that would be impossible to get done through my conventional lenders.

They have done transactions that had negative retained earnings, were less then 2 years in business and where no personal guaranties were available. Their decision times were fast once they had all the information needed to make their in-house decisions and their knowledgeable staff handled all the details to get the deal closed.

-Frank Frontario

“It has been a great pleasure working with Forum Leasing over the years!  They provide a niche product and serve their market well!  Working with John, Tim & Sue has been great!  They’re thorough and quick in reviewing, documenting and funding transactions!  I couldn’t ask for a better lending partner!”

-Jefferson Peters

Forum is our go-to financing resource when we have complex transactions that need prompt funding. Their experience and capabilities with the more-involved transactions is unmatched, and they always deliver on their promises. This benefits us as well as our customers. I have personally funded multiple transactions with Forum over the past four years, and I will continue to utilize their top-notch services when needed.

-Bob J. Ciborowski

Working with Tim and John at Forum has been a great experience. They are very responsive and provide feedback on timely basis, which in our industry is a major factor in our success. Their proposals are always reasonable and within the market standards. Once the proposal has been accepted they are very quick to get it closed and funded. I appreciated our relationship, and would like to fund more with the Forum guys!

-Shannon Patrick Smith